St. Martin for the Whole Family

St. Martin is a great island destination for the whole family, even though it has become increasingly popular as a couples and singles destination. treeeesFor families that want to enjoy sun and sand, the exciting resorts, miles of unspoiled beaches and outdoor adventures appeal to vacationers of all ages. One of the things that might surprise most families planning a vacation, is that St. Martin is actually a very affordable option and a lot can be done on a budget with group rates. The following are some great ideas to help you get started with planning your trip to this colorful and exciting island destination.

Best Activities for the Family

First thing’s first: you need to make sure to rent a car through Best Deal Car Rentals, our recommended St Martin car rental company. To have a car anytime at your disposal will save you a lot of stress when you want to travel to the many beautiful hot spots of St Martin. When planning activities that the entire family can participate in, there is no better place than the outdoors, and on St. Martin there are plenty of options. Beach options range from private to public, easily accessible to hidden and sunbathing spots to snorkeling fun. Try to mix up the beach destinations to keep everyone entertained and excited by a day at the beach. woah!Kids and adults love Maho Beach, where planes land just shy of the crowds sunbathing. You can even check it out yourself on this Youtube video. Day hikes around the island will take you to natural bridges, dramatic cliffs and hidden caves. Because you are in a tropical paradise, rent some snorkel gear and introduce the family to the natural wonders that lie beneath the waves.

Island Attractions for the Family

Outside of outdoor excursions, there is plenty in St Maarten for the entire family to do, from historic sites and ruins to entertainment centers to fill a rainy day with. Fort Amsterdam and Fort Louis offer great views of the island and ocean on account of their strategic locations. Head down with the family to Marigot Market to watch the fresh catch brought in daily, and take the chance to meet the locals. St. Maarten is home to a butterfly farm and zoo, where children can learn all about native animals, fauna and conservation efforts. For families that are looking for thrilling adventures, outfitters can take you parasailing, kite surfing, ziplining or horseback riding on the beach.

Dining and Nightlife for the Family

A lot of the dining and nightlife options are created with adults and couples on St. Maarten, but that does not mean that you have limited options. Almost any establishment on the island is able and willing to accommodate the family, after all, family life is island life here. Hotel restaurants are a great place to start, because they cater to a wide range of guests already and bring in world famous chefs. Local eateries abound on the island as well, so make sure to sample them with children, because they offer more relaxed hours, plenty of options and are family friendly. For fun family entertainment in the evenings, several resorts put together beach bonfires, luaus, and festivals to give you a taste of the culture that is found on St. Maarten. Try not to pack too many activities into one day and leave some evenings for star gazing or night hiking.

Choosing the Perfect Hotel

Choosing a hotel on an island filled with incredible options can be tough, but you want to make a list of your families needs first. Is a suite required? Do you want the convenience of a small kitchen for quick meals? Location, price and additional accommodations are all important too. Look at which hotels will give you the majority of what you want in a price range you are willing to pay. The perfect hotel should make vacation in St. Maarten easier and supportive of the your time on the island.